5 Credit Repair Marketing Techniques to Boost Your Success

Nirveek Ghosh

Sep 02, 2022

It’s no secret that the credit repair industry is crowded. In the US there are about 69,000 credit repair businesses as of 2021 statistics. 

So how do YOU stand out among 69,000?

Solid marketing techniques are a great place to start! 

Here are 6 ways that your credit repair company can set itself apart through marketing:

  1. Build trust and brand reputation through social media

Building your company’s social media presence can be crucial for building trust with your clients and potential clients. Social media is great for increasing brand awareness, while also serving as a valuable consumer touchpoint through which you can humanize your business to create and maintain relationships with your audience.

From Linkedin to Instagram, to even TikTok, your company should be creating valuable and engaging content across platforms on a consistent basis to build these relationships.

For those who are new to using social media as a business tool, it can be hard to determine the type of content to be putting out on these platforms. One way to understand what content does well is through hashtag research. This way, your content can be tailored around trending topics that can help your visibility. Then, of course, add these hashtags when you post for visibility!

In terms of content, videos are usually great performers! Although, for smaller businesses creating video content that is high in quality can be costly and time-consuming. Although if you are confident in your ability to create quality videos, these can be a great chance to connect with your audience on a deeper level. For example, a video of you explaining tips for improving a person’s credit score can help clients put a face to the business, feel more connected with you, establish credibility, and also provide value to your audience.

Lastly, blogs are great to build content around. Not only are blogs a great feature on your website due to their ability to improve SEO through the use of keywords (more on that in a second), but also these blogs can be broken down into hundreds of pieces of content. When you create content around these blogs, you can then push people to read more on your blog,  leading people to your website.

  1. Start a Content Marketing Blog

While on the topic of blogs, starting a content marketing blog on your website can be extremely valuable. Improving your online presence largely depends on quality, valuable, and unique content and getting it seen by the right audience. Adding a blog to your website is one of the best ways to do this. 

Maintaining an active blog that covers a larger variety of topics under the credit repair umbrella can help to establish you as a knowledgeable source, provide value to those visiting your site, and ultimately draw in search traffic organically through integrating keywords into your content.

  1. Use SEO to Improve Website Visibility in Search Engines

Search engine optimization is important for boosting your website’s position on search engines such as Google or Bing. By leveraging SEO, you can drive traffic to your website, and ultimately convert these visitors into customers. With nearly 93% of global search traffic occurring on Google, this is a crucial area to focus on for your company. 

That being said, SEO can be very time-consuming. Developing a successful SEO strategy takes a great deal of industry and keyword research.

While SEO is highly involved, here are a few things to get you going.

  • Produce quality content geared towards humans
  • Optimize title and header tags for SEO
  • Include internal links and authoritative external links
  • Track your results through Google Analytics
  • Improve site speed through the use of Google Page Speed Insights
  1. Create and Maintain a Google My Business Page

The next technique is to create and maintain a Google My Business page for your business. This is considered local SEO, helping your company to improve its search ranking among local search results on both Google and Google Maps. Nearly 46% of Google searches are looking for local results which underscores the importance of this strategy.

This way when a person is searching for credit repair services near them, for example, “Credit Repair Companies in Tampa” Google will come up with local searches that match this – hopefully featuring your business! This will appear before organic search results and below paid results, making it perfect positioning for any business seeking to target local audiences. Plus, your business can be found on Google Maps results as well!

  1. Use General and Industry Directories For Attracting Local Audiences

Adding to your local SEO strategy, you should also build citations. Citations are a reference to your business (including your business name, contact information, and backlink) on another site.

These citations are valuable for directing traffic to your website by broadening your reach on these different platforms, while also signaling to search engines that your website is receiving traction, which can help its domain authority. Domain authority is essentially your search engine ranking score which can be determined by the number of relevant backlinks your website has. The more, the better!

Directories are a great way to get these links out there and clicked on. For this strategy, you can use general directories such as Yelp, or industry-specific credit repair directories which only feature credit repair businesses. General directories can be great for achieving a wider reach, whereas industry-specific directories can be great for those already searching for credit repair who want the best credit repair company they can find!

Ready to put these marketing techniques into action and grow your business? If you need help implementing these credit repair marketing techniques, contact Summit Creative Marketing today!

For more credit repair marketing techniques, visit our blog post, The Ultimate Credit Repair Marketing Guide, or join our credit repair marketing Facebook group where we provide actionable tips and techniques.

Written by: Kryslin Kane, Digital Marketing Specialist, Summit Creative Marketing

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