How To Effectively Get More Leads for Your Landscaping Business

Nirveek Ghosh

Sep 02, 2022

With the warmth of the summer season, many of us are spending more time in outdoor spaces, making it one of the busiest times for landscaping. In any landscaping and lawn care business, leads are essential to stand out from your local competitors and to keep doing what you love! If you're wondering how to keep your lawn care leads growing, read the landscaping marketing ideas below.

Google Ads (Pay-Per-Click) 

Pay Per Click advertising is a form of paid digital marketing where advertisers pay a fee each time a person clicks on one of their online ads. A form of PPC advertising, such as Google AdWords, can apply to paid ads on social media platforms where advertisers can show a targeted advertisement when a specific keyword search occurs. This enables an effective marketing method to measure the amount of attention and interest in how effectively an ad performs. Thus, PCC allows a productive approach to reach people actively searching for terms related to your business to drive traffic and growth to your business. 

Search Engine Optimization

How can potential customers find you if you are a local landscape business? SEO for landscapers (search engine optimization) improves your business website's ranking in search results, making it more discoverable to those searching for keywords relevant to your business. Ongoing and properly executed search engine optimization efforts can also help you rank higher in organic search results than your competition. This results in more organic traffic to your website giving you more opportunities to convert prospects into customers. 

Promote Your Landscaping Services in the Off-Season

As the colder weather sets, fall and winter can be a difficult time for landscaping businesses. However, this can be the perfect time to take advantage of the slow season by jump-starting your business! Winters are a great time to advertise to potential customers and get ahead of your competitors’ marketing campaigns. Due to the lack of business during the fall and winter seasons, competitors will likely reduce their advertising efforts. However, if you can keep your marketing campaign thriving, you will likely spend less money for more brand exposure in the long run. Once spring comes around, customers who saw your ads over the fall and winter will remember your business when it’s time for landscaping and lawn care. (Hint: the businesses with the best marketing results don’t quit during the slow season!) 

Referral Incentives

A customer referral program is a process that gets your business out to new customers by asking your current customers to recommend your company to people they know. In local landscaping businesses, referrals are a great inexpensive way to build your client base and gain quality leads. After all, word-of-mouth marketing is extremely helpful as people trust recommendations from people they know. 

One way to boost referrals is to offer rewards or incentives to encourage clients to go out of their way to start a conversation about your work. If a customer gives you a name and a phone number, provide them with an extra service, such as a personal lawn care guide or free yard maintenance after the initial service. This is a great promotional idea to help advance your business and give back to your clients for their recommendations. Consider what solid incentive your business can offer that will encourage your clients to send more business your way!

Pro tip: If you have “Champions” for your business, or those willing to send a referral your way, ask these individuals to write you a review on Google. Reviews are gold online like referrals and word of mouth is in real life. 

Direct Mail Strategy

Compared to the craziness of today's email inboxes, old-school mailboxes see a lot less activity, which means your letter or postcard promoting your landscaping business is far more likely to be viewed. This is why direct mailing makes business management easier while providing a steady flow of leads. For example, postcards are a creative, eye-catching, and cost-effective approach that can help you stand out and develop brand awareness. However, a great message is pointless if you send it to customers that are not in the market for your services. When you create your mailing list, ensure they're all residential homeowners in your local market to ensure you get the most value from your direct mail campaign. 

If you need help with marketing for landscapers, reach out to our team at Summit Creative Marketing. We can help drive your marketing strategy to bring in more landscaping leads, while you focus on keeping your customers happy by delivering exceptional landscaping services! Contact us today.

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