How to Write Effective Facebook Ad Copy

Nirveek Ghosh

Sep 02, 2022

Looking to improve the quality of your Facebook ads? Not sure how to write effective facebook ad copy? Well-written ad copy allows you to communicate to your target audience information about a product or service, as well as establish strong customer relations.

Facebook ads improve conversions and, if the correct tactics are applied, generate more leads. The trick to writing effective Facebook ad copy is to focus on appealing to your target audience and engaging with them so they learn about the products and services your business offers. Here are some tips for crafting the perfect ad copy that converts to strong leads and drives results.

How to Write Effective Facebook Ad Copy

The following 7 tips are applicable to any ad copy writing, but they are especially useful for writing ad copy on Facebook.

1. Don’t be afraid of the “So That” statement

Compelling Facebook ad copy should explain the benefits of a product or service rather than the features, as many Facebook ads often do. Discussing the benefits allows customers to think about why they want to purchase the product. The benefits of a product highlight the real reason that someone should choose your product over a competitor’s.

Contrarily, when your ad discusses the features of a product or service, it’s merely providing information on the appealing aspects of the product. In other words, writing about the features gives customers a product overview and doesn’t strongly convince them to purchase your product.

Your ad, however, should tie both of the benefits and features of your product together in one sentence through the “so that…” connector. Once you’ve explained the features of your product or service, try adding the “so that…” statement afterward to communicate the real benefit of purchasing the product; for instance, “Get personal 1:1 instruction from me so that you’re held accountable.”

2. Ask “Yes” questions

The goal of ad copy is to write content that appeal to a target audience while also driving away less-than-ideal customers. In fact, with your ad, you should be looking to pull in the “perfect” customer by communicating and writing content that your ideal audience wants to see.

By asking “yes” questions, you are prompting your customer to say “yes” without thinking twice. Specifically, “yes” questions ought to stand out at the beginning of your ad so customers are hooked from the get-go, directing them to read the rest of the copy.

3. Ascertain mutual interests

The ads you put out on Facebook compete against thousands of other advertisers and users, so it’s in your best interest to make your presence known. Make your ad relevant to your customers by highlighting mutual points of interest; for example, if you’re a local business targeting people in the same geographic area, mention your location in the advertisement. When you speak about the mutual interests between your business and your target audience, you’re enticing them to like and trust you rather than a competitor.

4. Grab attention with numbers

People tend to skim ads, so any shortcut acts as a plus. Instead of words, try replacing them with actual numbers; for instance, “We helped generate 27% more profit” compared to “We helped generate twenty-seven percent more profit.” Numbers are easy to read when the content is skimmed and are specific enough to provide context that stands out among the rest of the copy. Announcing specific numbers and statistics boosts your credibility in the industry, adds value to your ad copy and creates a sense of authority for your company.

5. Present a clear, singular call to action

It’s hard to disagree to the fact that calls to actions are the most important part of any Facebook advertisement. A clear call to action not only directs people to act on your product or service, but also drives conversions.

The most successful ad copies include one specific call to action, so it’s clear what you’re asking customers to do. When you include too many calls to actions throughout your copy, customers will be confused at the next steps. Providing choices on what to do next does not necessarily create the best results; customers may be less inclined to take action.

6. Include a URL

There are two places in your ad to include a URL: Facebook’s Website URL box and the actual text. The URL you provide should direct people to the landing page of the copy itself, and by including them in both of the aforementioned places, people have more than one opportunity to click the link and take action.

Ads are not very well appreciated in the realm of Facebook; thus, it’s important to ensure your ad comes across as organically as possible. When a URL is embedded within the body of a well-written copy, the ad reads like organic content, enabling customers to interact more positively with the information. The URL gives customers the opportunity to click through your landing page, which generates a higher conversion rate.

7. Know Your Industry

It’s best to always bear in mind that every business, niche and industry is different, so strategies and tips that work for one may not work for another. Creating the perfect ad copy takes time. The key to successful Facebook ads is to test various techniques and styles of copy.

How to Write Effective Facebook Ad Copy: Let Summit Collaborations Help!

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