Marketing Strategies for Landscaping Companies

Nirveek Ghosh

Sep 02, 2022

Are you ready to grow your landscaping business but aren’t sure where to start? Here is a list of proven marketing strategies that will help your landscaping business reach new clients!

Identify your ideal client

First and foremost, it’s important to have a solid understanding of your ideal client before establishing your marketing plan and implementing any strategies. Creating a buyer persona can help you identify your prospective client’s wants and needs, how they search for information, and hesitations they have when it comes to their purchase decision.

Having this understanding helps you gear your marketing content toward this group of individuals and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Create a marketing plan

Next, it can be helpful to develop a marketing plan that outlines your strategies, budget, timeline, etc.

It can be helpful to:

  • Set clear and attainable goals (Is it increased revenue, increased clients, etc?)
  • Set a budget
  • Create a timeline of implementation

Clarifying these objectives up front and creating a solid plan can help you successfully direct and implement your marketing strategies.

Add a blog page to your website

Adding a blog page to your website and consistently posting quality content is a rather successful, yet underutilized marketing tool! Through blogs, you can create valuable and educational content addressing landscaping questions your prospective customers may have. This can in turn help your company be more easily discoverable by those whose problems your business is solving.

While creating a blog does not guarantee you will start ranking at the top of Google, it can help your SEO considerably through the use of properly executed keywords! (Check out our other blog that explains SEO for luxury landscapers more in depth!)

Create free guides and checklists for potential clients

After putting in the SEO sweat work to drive traffic to your website, you need to have a system to capture the contact information of these website visitors. Capturing contact information helps you to stay connected with them so when they decide they need landscaping services, your business will be the first one they think of.

One of the best ways to capture this contact information is through lead magnets. Lead magnets can come in many forms such as guides, e-books, webinars, templates, training, etc. Essentially, lead magnets are free resources in exchange for the client’s contact information. This way you aren’t soliciting, you are both offering something that is of value to each other. 

For landscaping, you can get creative with the freebie you are offering, as long as it will be of value to your clients! For example, maybe you choose to offer a seasonal checklist or a guide to growing a popular plant in your region.

With these resources, it’s extremely beneficial to have them connected to automated software. This way the client can immediately gain access to the information as their contact information is automatically saved in your system. Plus, most importantly, you don’t need to spend time sending out each resource through email!

Utilize email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to foster and build relationships with both existing and prospective clients!

Email marketing for potential clients

Upon collecting contact information through lead magnets, or other methods of gaining contact lists, it is important to then use this information to build your relationship with the contact.

The best way to do this is through something called email sequences. The email sequences are a series of emails sent over time with a goal of converting these contacts to clients. Oh, and for better success, we recommend that you create these email sequences with the downloadable resource they selected in mind. This means you should have an email sequence for each of the different downloadable resources you decide to provide. 

Think of it this way: The client turned to you for help with something specific when they downloaded your resource. Since you know this is an area of interest, you will have a greater likelihood of converting them into a client by staying on topic with that issue.

Email marketing for existing clients

Email marketing can also (and should be) used with your current clients as well to continue to build upon the relationship you already have established with them.

One way to stay connected with your existing clients is by sending out monthly newsletters featuring your blog posts, recent projects, tips and tricks, or promotions/discounts you are running.

Create social media pages

A great way to build out your online presence is through social media platforms. While these platforms may not be a consistent sales funnel directly for your business, they are a great way to develop your brand image and build trust with customers. Crafting a strong social media presence can be particularly helpful for visual services such as landscaping where people are eager to see as many examples as possible!

Creating a Facebook business page or an Instagram profile for your business can help you increase your consumer touchpoints and connect with your audience more personally than through a website. 

It’s important to maintain these platforms with updates and posts. This can include business updates or events, information on your services, industry tips and tricks, promotions, examples of your work, and client testimonials. These all help prospective clients gain a better idea of your landscaping business as a whole! Having sufficient and consistent information helps people see that you are a legitimate, active, and qualified business. 

Create a GMB listing

Having an up-to-date Google My Business listing is crucial for any small business looking to gain clients in the local area. Having a Google My Business listing means your business will appear in the local search results and Google Map results when people are searching for your services nearby. This is also where you can include important contact information, business yours, your logo, service areas, and client reviews. 

Run digital ad campaigns

While your organic social media can be great for your online presence, and SEO can help you bring in organic clients, running paid ads can be a fast and effective lead generation strategy. Google, Facebook, and Instagram are popular platforms for running these digital ad campaigns.

If you are looking to set up and manage your own paid ads, be prepared to commit some time and effort to it. Running these ads requires continuous testing and retesting. Finding a way to get your audience to click that call-to-action button and keep that cost per lead low commonly requires ongoing strategy adjustments.

When you create an ad campaign, you can segment your audience by demographics such as gender, age, zip code, and more. This is very different from putting an ad in the newspaper and hoping that the right person saw it! Instead, this segmentation can ensure that a more relevant audience is seeing your ads.

Not to mention, one of the best parts of paid ads is that you can track your results. These platforms have robust tracking and reporting systems that can offer clear and valuable insights into how your ads are performing.

(This is our bread and butter!)

  1. Generate reviews

Landscaping businesses generally rely heavily on word-of-mouth advertising. If you have a top-notch landscaping service, you likely have some fans who would be happy to speak on your behalf! So, now you need to amplify this word-of-mouth advertising by leveraging customer reviews online.

Having these clients review your business online will help build out your online presence and establish you as a trustworthy, reliable, and qualified landscaping service. This can be done by responding in Facebook community groups when people ask for landscaping recommendations, writing a review on your Google My Business listing, or writing a testimonial that you can share across social media and your website.

If you are interested in improving your marketing efforts and implementing any of these strategies, but don’t think you have the time to devote to it, reach out to our team! We specialize in marketing for luxury landscapers!

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