Why You Should Use an External Marketing Agencies to Enhance Your Internal Marketing Team

Nirveek Ghosh

Sep 02, 2022

The responsibilities of a marketing manager are seemingly endless. From creating and executing marketing campaigns to producing promotional materials, your internal marketing team is covering a wide range of duties to advance the company’s brand. However, having so many tasks to keep track of can spread your internal team too thin, leading to burnout and a diminished quality of work.

This is where an outsourced marketing agency comes in. Hiring an external digital marketing agency outside of the business will help free your internal marketing team from the responsibility of shouldering any online marketing efforts. This will allow them to focus more time and effort on the big picture: coordinating efforts with your sales team and implementing campaign and strategies to achieve long-term goals.

What exactly will an Outsourced Marketing Agency bring to the table?

Marketing agencies offer a wide variety of services geared toward improving a company’s online presence. These services include but are not limited to:

  • paid advertising on Google or other forms of PPC
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • website design and development
  • social media marketing (paid and organic)
  • email marketing

Marketing Strategy Development 

In addition to these services, marketing agencies offer strategy development, which serves as a marketing roadmap for companies to better understand their customers’ behaviors, on and offline. By helping your internal marketing team implement a strategy, an outsourced digital marketing agency will, as a result, make advertising online more effective and cost-friendly.

One of the key reasons digital marketing agencies are able to provide a thorough online marketing strategy is through hard data. By utilizing key performance indicators (KPI), they can accurately measure results and analyze what’s working for a company and what needs improvement. However, not all performance metrics are equally important to every business. A digital marketing agency will determine which indicators are most relevant in measuring a business’s success, whether it’s conversion rates, number of qualified leads, etc.

Digital marketing agencies will then use the data from these metrics to determine which areas of a business’s online marketing efforts require more time or resources. This also includes identifying channels where efforts should be scaled back. For instance, if only a small percentage of website traffic can be attributed to organic search, an agency would suggest that more time and effort be spent on improving the business’s SEO ranking.

How Can an Outsourced Marketing Agency Help My Team?

By working alongside an outsourced marketing agency, your internal marketing team will yield more quality results across the board. Rather than monitoring the performance of a social media ad, your team’s time can be better spent focusing on the bigger picture in creating a cohesive, uniform marketing campaign. Leave the minute details to the outside agency. They will focus on analyzing the results and presenting you with suggested methods of improvement, which will ensure no one area of your marketing efforts is lagging behind.

Moreover, discovering the optimal way to sell to customers is invaluable to any business, and digital marketing agencies can help you attain just that. Through reliable data, an agency will be able to conjoin the efforts of the sales and marketing departments and determine the most common paths customers take to finding your company and making a purchase.

Should I Work With a Niche or Full-Service Agency?

If you’ve made the decision to work with an outside digital marketing agency, the next step is determining whether to hire a niche or full-service agency. Niche agencies typically provide one or two services. Conversely, full-service marketing agencies cover a wider variety of services, offering a more complete package.

Although it boils down to how many services a business needs to outsource, it should be noted that hiring multiple niche agencies down the road to oversee different segments of the marketing approach can get messy. For example, let’s say to start, all your internal marketing department could really use some help with is web development and email marketing, then hiring a niche agency that specializes in those two aspects will do the job. However, after your company has experienced substantial growth, you may come to realize that more help is needed in other areas of your marketing department, forcing you to look into hiring a second or even third niche agency. This can lead to communication issues and a lack of cohesion, which is why a full-service marketing agency is the best choice to begin with.

It’s no secret that the Internet has forever changed the ways we do business and will continue to evolve. With online marketing encompassing so many different facets, it can be hard for one team to handle them all on top of traditional marketing efforts. With the help of an outsourced marketing agency, you’ll be better positioned to significantly improve your team, your marketing strategies, and your business as a whole.

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